Can Perma-Form blocks be used for foundations and basements?

Yes, Perma-Form is a great choice for foundations and basements. The solid, water resistant and energy efficient construction makes it a great choice.

Can you build multi-story structures with Perma-Form?


Does a Perma-Form building need to be engineered?

To ensure structural integrity and adherence to local building codes, it is recommended to consult your architect or engineer whenever building (whether or not you are using Perma-Form)

Does it cost more to build with Perma-Form?

No. The cost to build with Perma-Form are comparable to that of wood-frame, concrete block and other traditional building materials systems. Builders enjoy the benefit of quick, easy, simple construction. While the homeowner will experience many ongoing financial benefits.

How is drywall attached?

Drywall is fastened using an adhesive, saving time, material, labor and cost!

Is a special concrete mix used?

No. A Perma-Form building uses concrete that is readily available on the market. We will work with the builder to provide relevant mix details.

Is a vapor barrier required for an above-grade Perma-Form wall?

No. A Perma-Form wall is a ‘High Mass’ wall. No additional vapor barrier is required. This is one of the many savings that will be realized when using Perma-Form. The low permeance of the block and concrete provide a natural barrier against air-borne moisture and air infiltration. This also means that air-borne pollutants, dust, and pollen are kept out of the building.

Is it possible to remodel a Perma-Form building?

Yes. It is possible to add adjoining walls as well as cut openings into the walls with tools obtained at most tool rental stores.

What are the physical dimensions of a Perma-Form block?

Each block is 48″ long, 12″ high and 10″ thick.

What exterior finishes can be used?

All of the common exterior finishes can be attached to a Perma-Form structure (Stucco, Wood, Brick, Stone, etc)

What is a Perma-Form block made of?

The forms are made of EPS (expanded polystyrene) which is a safe, non-toxic, fire-retardant material. They do not “off-gas” or break down over time.

What type of structures can you build with the Perma-Form ICF system?

You can build just about any type of residential or commercial building. A Perma-Form wall is a solid concrete wall! They can be used for both, load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls.

Will it take longer to build my house with Perma-Form?

No, just the opposite. Building with Perma-Form offers a time advantage to the builder and homeowner. Our experienced Perma-Form crews will typically complete the project in significantly less time than it would take to build the same structure using wood-frame or concrete block.